Like most aspects of church life this year, the worship team has had to adapt to the current climate and find creative ways to continue to praise God and serve the church family through sung worship in the digital format.

    A core group of our musicians, who had the capacity and the necessary technical equipment, have been recording their instruments/vocals individually from their homes and submitting them to be compiled into full band tracks. Fraser has mixed the tracks and Garry has edited the videos to create the worship song videos that we play as part of our services each week.

    This has been a very time-consuming process and we’ve had to learn a lot but we’ve been so encouraged by everyone’s humility and their willingness to commit the time to producing these songs. As a result, the music that has emerged has been more than the sum of it’s parts and they’ve been used to bring God glory in our own church and many others across the UK.

    Prayer points:

  • that the Lord would give us strength and perseverance to continue the work
  • that we would find ways to effectively involve the other members of the worship team who haven’t been able to participate this year and spread the workload
  • that we would be allowed to sing together as a church again soon
  • that we would continue to fix our eyes on Jesus as we serve Him and that we would do all for His glory.

Garry Ferrier

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