The masked faces, steamed up glasses, symptoms checklists and obligatory two metre ‘keep your distance’ signals don’t exactly scream a warm “WELCOME!,” but we certainly did our best to make sure our congregation and visitors felt both welcome and safe during lockdown’s hiatus when we were able to meet together in person. It was great to continue to see new faces (well, their eyes at least) at many services and collect contact details from those who wish to keep in touch. Thanks to all of you who helped out with this – we are always keen for more helpers though – if you feel you could assist with stewarding when we are allowed to return to meeting in our building again please do get in touch with myself (Rachel), Luca or Simona. 

    We look forward to the arrival of warmer weather in the spring when God-willing we’ll be able to enjoy more time hanging out together after services (in a rule-compliant fashion obviously!) up on The Links, getting to know new folk and welcoming them to our family.

    Meanwhile, the challenge of welcome and integration amidst an entirely online church set-up resumes as we commence early 2021. If you are fairly new to our congregation since the Covid era, or anyone else has ideas, it would be great to hear from you about how we can best do this.

Rachel, Luca and Simona

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