The Trustees oversee many areas of the operation of the church, including legal matters, staff & volunteers, finance, the church building and risk.

    The year was greatly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, which included a period when church services had to move back online during lockdown. However, many activities were able to continue online and resume in person with caution when the regulations were relaxed. Our response to Covid-19 was overseen by a working group led by Ian Naismith and David Wright, and we are not aware of any infection being passed on in the building. We continue to assess risks carefully and Covid-safe procedures have been developed for all activities. These are adapted as circumstances and guidance change. We are grateful to all those involved in our response, including the technical team and musicians who have facilitated live-streaming services on YouTube.

    Following financial pledges made by church members, the Trustees approved the appointment of two new staff members working two days a week each as Pastor in Training and Women’s Ministry Leader. In recent months, these posts have been filled by Archie Winnington-Ingram and Käete Followwill. We are thankful to the Lord for our team of staff and trainees, as well as many dedicated volunteers.

    The Trustees continue to oversee the church building, and a small group has been established to consider the possible replacement of pews with flexible seating. We are grateful to David Wright and the team who care for the building.

    The church remains financially stable, and as the Accounts show we had a healthy surplus in the year to 31 August. The additional staff members will bring extra cost, but with significantly increased giving over the last year we are in good shape financially. The church continues to support a range of missionaries and mission organisations. Missionary collections have been suspended during the pandemic, but we have maintained our level of financial support through earmarked giving and subsidies from general funds. We are grateful to Ian Wilson and the finance team for ensuring that our finances are well managed.

    During the year, the old Trust was wound up, with the church operations having fallen under Bruntsfield Evangelical Church SCIO since 2019.

    Anne Jackson, Ian Wilson and Jamie Wilson have retired as trustees this year. We are grateful to all of them for their faithful service, and in particular to Anne for taking the lead on employment matters and to Ian and Jamie for their financial management. We are very pleased that Ian will remain as Treasurer. We will be giving priority to identifying and appointing new Trustees.

    We are grateful to trustees, elders, staff and church members for all the hard work that is done each week as we seek to glorify the Lord through His church. We are truly thankful for all the ways we have been blessed, and look to the Lord for continued blessing in the future.

    The current Trustees are David Aird (Chair), Andrew Little, Alastair Mackintosh, Fraser McLaren, Fiona Watson and David Wright.

Ian Naismith (Secretary) on behalf of the Trustees

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