What’s happened:

Through 2021 we journeyed through a number of different series and met in a number of different formats. Series included Big Questions (Apologetics) and God’s Big Picture (Bible Overview) as well as following along with the preaching at the AAS in Acts and 1 Timothy. We read through a good chunk of the Psalms together though that fizzled out as we moved into Autumn.

What’s next:

We are going to continue following along with the AAS in Haggai this month and then Acts up until Easter. The purpose of that is to encourage families to talk about what we’re learning as a church. It also gives opportunities for the young people to sit in some of the sermons and get used to listening in that way.

Pray for:

-The teenagers - pray that they would continue to grow as a group and continue to forge friendships. Pray that they would be firm in their faith (especially in schools where much is taught that is contrary to the gospel).

-The leaders - pray that our youth leaders would be increasingly falling in love with Jesus and experience a growing desire to pass that on. 

Archie Winnington-Ingram

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