The evening service is a great opportunity to hear God’s Word for a second time on a Sunday and to join in fellowship with the church family again. Over the course of 2021 we have spent the majority of our time in Isaiah focusing on God, His sovereignty and His covenant faithfulness to His people. We also had series about different worldviews, on what the Bible says about our emotions and on the book of James, led by the preachers’ group.

At the beginning of 2022 we will have a relaunch of the evening service. The key element will stay the same, the teaching of God’s Word. The relaunch will allow more time for prayer together, for discussion questions and time to reflect on the sermon passages and how we can put it into practice. In addition to these changes, the relaunch will also allow more time for us to take communion together as a church family.

The evening service is a wonderful opportunity to spend more time together as a church family; fewer people attend which allows more space for deeper conversations. I would like to encourage you, if you do not already, to attend the evening services in 2022 They have been a huge encouragement to me and a joy to serve alongside my fellow brothers and sisters at Bruntsfield. 

Alistair Chalmers

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