The church staff team is Graeme Shanks (Pastor), Alistair Chalmers (Assistant Pastor), Peter Ervine (part-time Youth Pastor) and Ian Naismith (part-time Church Manager), working alongside our Ministry Trainees, who are currently Archie Winnington-Ingram and Dani Neira.  During the year, Kat Andrews, Drew Kennedy and Thane Campbell finished their time as Ministry Trainees.  We are very thankful for their fellowship and service in the team, and pray for God's blessing as they serve Him in the future. 

Since the start of lockdown in March, the team has worked largely from home, with most working at the church on one day each week when restrictions have permitted it, which allows one-to-one meetings and building maintenance to continue.  Weekly team meetings have continued over Zoom.

In 2021, Archie will come to the end of his time as a Ministry Trainee, and we expect another Trainee to start in August alongside any other changes decided following the recent church consultation.         

The team is involved in leading a wide range of church activities - as will be evident from these reports - and most are also studying at Cornhill or Edinburgh Theological Seminary.  We value your prayers for us and for our families.  

Ian Naismith

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