Over the course of the pandemic, small groups have not been easy. Having in-depth conversations and discussion about the Bible over Zoom just doesn’t work that well. Most groups had members who didn’t attend regularly. Thankfully towards the end of the year small groups were able to meet in person again which was a huge encouragement.

Over the course of 2022 we will continue our studies in the book of Acts until the summer. These studies have been written by Ian Naismith, Al Mackintosh, Archie Winnington-Ingram and myself. This has allowed small group leaders to get more involved in the writing of studies, but also to input into each others’ studies, resulting in much more accessible and better studies for us all to do together. The small group leaders have done a great job of serving and caring for the groups over this past year and their hard work often goes unnoticed.

Pray that more people in church would get plugged into the seven groups we have across the city. Pray that as a church we would put the studying of God’s Word as a priority in our lives and that as small groups we would see the importance of gathering together to love, serve and encourage one another. 

Alistair Chalmers

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