Over this last year, our small groups have had the challenge, as with the rest of the church, to take our meetings online. We’ve done studies in Genesis, Acts, John’s Gospel, Ephesians and in Revelation, to name a few. These studies have been received well with many people reporting good discussion around the Bbible passages and the application of them for our lives. In the coming year we will continue our studies in Ephesians and do further studies, Lord willing, on Leviticus, Acts and more.

The hard work of the small group leaders must be recognised with their dedication to the pastoral care and support of their group members. My prayer would be that more of us, as a church family, get plugged into small groups. I will also be inviting the small group leaders to join me in writing some of the small group studies to aid us all as we seek to facilitate good and faithful discussion on God’s Word.

Alistair Chalmers

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