Over the past year the preachers’ group has continued to meet monthly over Zoom. Our meetings focus on God’s Word and how we can become better preachers. The year began with Archie teaching the group the book of James - the series was then preached at Bruntsfield, Liberty Community Church in Bellshill and in Peebles Evangelical Church. We also read a book together about the heart of a preachers, which focuses more on the motives and heart preparation of preaching, rather than the more practical elements of how to write and deliver a sermon.

Pray for the group as we continue to grow together in the coming year. Pray that we would be able to give each other good feedback that will help each member become a better preacher and communicator of God’s Word. We plan to do a series on the parables in Luke’s Gospel for 2022 and serve the same churches as last year, with a couple more churches that are interested. We believe that every preacher can be a better preacher; this year that has been evidenced by the growth of each group member. 

Alistair Chalmers

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