Over this past year the preachers' group has met every month, at least once, to think together about how to preach, how to become a better preacher and for some training on specific books. In 2020 the preachers' group did a series on 1 Peter at Bruntsfield and at Liberty Community Church in Bellshill. It has been a joy to see how the group are growing in their gifts of preaching and their desire to communicate God’s Word faithfully. We are currently studying the book of James to do at Bruntsfield over the summer of 2021.

Pray for the group as they gather together to give and receive input on upcoming sermons and feedback after a sermon. Pray that their times together would be beneficial for them and continue to help them grow. We believe that every preacher can be a better preacher; this year that has been evidenced by the growth of each group member. 

Alistair Chalmers

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