Over the past year we have seen the Lord work in our Church in amazing ways and not least through the Pastoral Care Team. We have had five teams working in different areas of the church, alongside Elders and Staff team. There have been times of fellowship as the teams have met together in one form or another every month to pray and ask for the Lord’s leading.

    Archie, Dani and Alistair Chalmers have kept in touch with students as they have moved in and out of the city. Some of them have been in Sixth form and on the cusp of leaving school, but all of them have had a chance to interact with their peers and study the Bible.

    Luca, Sabine. Esther and Simona have spent much time working with the 20-30s, encouraging Bible study and small group participation. They have also organised walks and other social events throughout the year ensuring that no one felt lonely or isolated during these difficult times. Simona is presently taking a break while on maternity leave.

    Peter, Fraser, Ellen and Lynne have been keeping a weather eye on our families. As you know there is a baby boom in Bruntsfield at the moment so this has been no small task!

    Ian, Al and Gill McIntosh were in touch with those in the middle age group and have been enjoying many walks and conversations throughout the year. Due to Covid restrictions this has not always been easy. Gill, Nan and Ian have stepped back and we want to thank them for the sterling work they have carried out over the many years they have been involved in pastoral care.

    Ruth and David have been involved in the older age group – which probably now includes them! Kirsty Shanks and Alice have also moved on to do other things and again we thank them for all that they have been doing over the past two years in particular.

    Please pray for the whole team as they look to future ways of serving BEC.

Ruth Aird

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