By Alistair Chalmers

The Cross of Jesus by Warren Wiersbe

The cross of Jesus is a moment that you can study your entire life and you’ll never bore of it. The cross of Christ is the place that the salvation of people became possible. The cross of Christ is the moment that every Christian should invest time in studying. You should start with this book! As a staff team we’re currently reading it together and I for one am definitely enjoying it

This great little book is split into four sections.

1. What Jesus saw in the cross

2. Why Jesus died on the cross

3. What Jesus said from the cross

4. How believers should live by the cross

In just under 200 pages, Wiersbe explains (as much as he can) the cross in the simplest of terms. There are very few books that I’ve read that can convey the seriousness, the severity, the splendour and the salvation that we find at the cross in such a way. The cross of Christ is not something that we’re only to remember at Easter time. If we really grasp what the cross is and what happened on that day, we would not be able to hold in our excitement for studying it more and more. When you finish this book, you’ll put it on the table and give a prayer of thankfulness because our Saviour died and has given his people life. I highly recommend this book to you.   

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