Covid-19 update

Currently, church services have to be online only. This may change at Easter, with up to 20 people allowed at the church during April and possibly 50 from May. We’ll let you know arrangements nearer the time.

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Easter will be very different again this year, but we expect to have services on Good Friday evening and Easter Sunday morning, perhaps with some people able to be at the church. Origin Scotland has an online Resurrection event – more details at


Edinburgh City Mission has recently rebranded all its food banks from Basics Bank to Foodbank+. We run ours on Friday mornings, and in recent weeks have been really busy, feeding up to 50 people a week. The generosity of our neighbours and others means we’re currently very well supplied with tinned and dry food, but the number of people we’re feeding means we’ve started a weekly supermarket order of fresh food to supplement what we receive from FareShare and supermarket left-overs. If you’d like to help with the cost of this, you can make payment into the church bank account or contact [email protected]/.


If you would like to join a group studying a Bible book together and thinking about reading the Bible 1-1 with others, please contact Alistair Chalmers.

Checking in

Are you new to BEC? We would love to know more about you and keep you informed about what’s happening. You can let us know about yourself at You’ll also find details of our privacy policy there.

Giving to the Church

Income to the church through offerings and room lets almost disappeared during lockdown. We’re thankful for those who have started or increased their giving. If you would like to give to the church direct from your bank account, please contact Ian Naismith - [email protected].  

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