The church has strong links with a number of missionaries and Christian organisations, and sends gifts monthly.  Normally these largely come from offerings at the 10am service, but at present they are taken from church funds.  Those we have supported financially during 2020 are:

  • Heber & Fiona Gallitto (Argentina)
  • Richard & Elaine Leakey (YWAM, Switzerland)
  • Jim Burnett (Argentina)
  • Derek & Heidi (Middle East)
  • Michael (Far East)
  • Andrea Smith (Lebanon)
  • Mike Fernandez (Latin Link)
  • Ferrywell Youth Project
  • Edinburgh Christian Unions
  • Golgota Mission (Romania)

During the year we were saddened by the death of Jim Legge, who we had supported for many years in his work in Botswana with his late wife Irene.

We have a mission update at least once a month at our Sunday services and also provide updates in our weekly emails and monthly newsletters.  If you would like more information on any of the missionaries of organisations we support, please let me know.

This year, we're delighted that Thomas and Addie Loewen are in Senegal working with Engineering Ministries International on plans for a hospital extension in Mali and with the Beer Sheba Project on sustainable agriculture and discipleship.  They'll provide regular reports, and we'll pray for them as a church and individually.      

Ian Naismith

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