Kids’ Church quickly moved online when the lockdown started, with a Zoom call for primary aged children from 3pm-4pm in the afternoon and another for secondary aged kids just after the YouTube service. These have both now moved to having Zoom calls at 10am on a Sunday morning.

    In Kids’ Church from January until Easter we looked at the parables and finished the book of Mark. After Easter, we covered the first half of Acts then continued from where we had left off previously and covered the stories of Jacob, Joseph, the Exodus and the journey to the promised land before looking at Luke’s account of the first Christmas. The Embassy have alternated between studying the same passages as the rest of the church and doing their own studies.

    From September to Christmas, it was great to be able to have some kids back in the building during church services. We did this by alternating between older and younger kids each week. In the first week the secondary aged kids would have the Embassy socially distanced upstairs and the older Primary school aged kids would meet in Room 3. In the second week younger primary aged kids would meet upstairs and Room 3 would be available for parents and babies to use if needed.

    Almost all our secondary aged kids attended the Embassy in person and about a third of our primary aged children attended Kids’ Church in person. Approximately half of our primary and secondary aged kids engage with the Zoom calls.

    We are very aware that the preschool children and their families have been missing out as we haven’t been able to provide anything specifically for them. Plans to develop something were underway but the new lockdown means we will need to rethink.

    The highlight of the year was probably the nativity based on Luke 1&2 filmed at home by parents and edited together to look like a Zoom call. Thanks again to all the children, young people, parents and others who were involved in making it such a success in a trying year.

Peter Ervine

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