After finishing our Zoom Bible studies in the summer term, we took a break from Zoom calls to focus on socials and connecting with new international friends. Although our new group of internationals has a different dynamic, and it wasn't appropriate to do the same in-depth Bible studies we were doing before, we decided our network was wide enough that it would be worth running in-person events where we could welcome people, grow our friendships, and introduce biblical concepts gently.

Our first 'International Cafe' ran on October 2nd, after which we met every Saturday evening during the term. Our numbers have been quite unpredictable, but we have finished the year with stronger friendships, and having had the opportunity to have some deep chats about faith. We are very grateful to the church members who have gone out of their way to make international visitors to other church events feel welcome, and to those who have helped us run different events and activities at International Cafe. In the new year we will be moving International Cafe to Friday nights, and we hope to continue making new connections and demonstrating Christ's love for the foreigner in a practical way. 

Dani Neira

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