The church has been actively involved in working among young people in the Pilton, Muirhouse and Drylaw areas of Edinburgh for many years, and has supported Ferrywell Youth Project since it was formed six years ago.  A good number of members volunteer with Ferrywell in a variety of ways.

Lockdown presented new challenges for the staff team of John Gillan, Naomi Crolla and the volunteers, but also opportunities to support the young people.  This included, for example, provision of activity bags to primary children and vouchers to teenagers, as well as keeping in touch online.  As restrictions eased slightly it was possible to meet with young people outdoors and then in the building in limited numbers.  Currently, the team is able to go for walks with individual teenagers and small groups of primary children and is also providing support to local schools. 

We are thankful to God for continuing opportunities to show the love of Christ to disadvantaged young people, and greatly encouraged by those who come to know the Lord and grow in their relationship with Him.  However, there is much need, and the team supports many young people going through really difficult circumstances.  Thank you for your prayers and other support.  

Ian Naismith

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