"We plan for so many less important things; why not plan for our evangelism?” - Mark Dever.

We set up the evangelism team last year for this express purpose - to plan for evangelism. Thanks to their efforts I was delighted to hear people inviting their friends to come along to the Life Explored course back at Easter. What I found even more encouraging was that same group of people wanting to do the Christianity Explored course. I was delighted to help facilitate this as we journeyed through Mark’s gospel together. There really is no greater delight than seeing people encounter Jesus for the first time. There were many things to give thanks to the Lord for last year on the evangelism front.

Looking forward, let me give you 3 things to whet your evangelistic appetite as we journey into 2022;

1.A Passion For Life 2022. During the months of March & April many churches across the city are planning to hold, and in some cases work together on, a number of evangelistic events across the city. As well as the bigger events the idea is that together on a smaller scale we aim to read the Bible and share our faith with our friends and family. I’m delighted to say that Bruntsfield will be involved in some capacity in what promises to be a wonderful opportunity to make a gospel impact in Edinburgh next year.

2.Christianity Explored. As part of A Passion For Life we are exploring the possibility of doing a city-wide course with other churches. We are keen that these courses become a staple diet of our church life at Bruntsfield as well (indicatively twice a year).

3.Invite & Baptism Sundays. As well as having bi-monthly baptism services for those who wish we to be baptised, we are excited to launch a bi-monthly invite Sunday. The idea is that this would be a Sunday morning service that is geared towards welcoming our non-believing friends to with the hope that together we all make a real effort to invite people to come and see.

Graeme Shanks

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