This past year has looked a bit unusual in terms of what we would normally consider evangelism. In March 2020 we had a training evening from Mark Campbell on the Word121 material and how we could use it. We encouraged church members to use the Word 121 with their friends and family members over the summer. Starting February 2nd we will be running another Life Explored course for seven weeks and would encourage everyone to be inviting people along.

We are currently planning on running two Life Explored courses a year and would like the whole church to get behind this with us as an evangelism team. Evangelistic courses are not evangelism, but they are tools that we use for evangelism. Our evangelism happens when each of us tells our friends about Jesus. The evangelism team are currently thinking about different ways that we can encourage and equip us all, as church members, to engage in evangelism. This might include short training videos, ideas for evangelism in lockdown, etc. Once we are able to meet again we would also like to introduce regular ‘invite Sundays’ where we all make an effort to invite our non-Christian friends to church and we share the gospel with them before and after. 

Alistair Chalmers

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