What’s happened:

We kicked off Engage in October as a monthly Friday evening social for the teenagers in church. So far we have had a night of board games as well as a bonfire night special and a Christmas social.

What’s next:

The long-term heart behind Engage is to create an opportunity for evangelism for our teenagers. A monthly event that they are comfortable bringing their friends to, where they will hear a short gospel presentation.

Pray for:

  • The teenagers - that they would buy into the vision and see the gospel need amongst their friends. That this might be encouraging for them and act as a catalyst in their ongoing evangelism with their friends. Do also pray for their friends - for salvation.
  • The leaders - again, pray for buy-in from leaders. We have been trying to call on the Embassy leaders to help here too but we might need to create a separate group. 

Archie Winnington-Ingram

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