What’s happened:

I am reliably informed that through 2020 our teenagers had an overview of the OT, application-focused studies based on each weeks’ sermon and a short time in Ephesians.

When I joined we returned with a series through Glen Scrivener’s Love Story. Then following along with the church in Revelation, a short Advent series, a one-off on mission with Thomas and Addie and we are now back in Ephesians with the church.

What’s next:

Our next series is on Big Questions. Collecting questions from the youth as well as using Rebecca McLaughlin’s upcoming book (10 questions every teen should ask).

We would also love to find ways to spend time together in person and have events where we can invite friends and share the gospel.

Pray for:

The teenagers - It’s been a hard time for them and zoom is not ideal. Reading through the Psalms together as a group - please pray they will find voice for their emotions there. Pray for their evangelism in schools, where a plethora of world views exist.

The leaders - It would be great to get time together to pray and plan. Pray that we would be a group committed to sharing Jesus with our teenagers and amazing them with Him. 

Archie Winnington-Ingram

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