2021 started with another lockdown, but in a change from the previous year, we were able to continue to livestream from BEC using the equipment installed in 2020 - Chairman and Speaker were live in BEC even when we were prevented from meeting together physically. This second period out of the building has been followed by the return of most of our previous church and community groups, and the addition of some new ones.

    The extreme rainfall seen in 2021 tested our roof and we had to spend several thousand pounds on repairs and preventative maintenance. One particularly heavy storm in July also caused water ingress to the basement and led to the lift being out of use for several weeks.

    Our building hire coordinator, Philip Young, stepped down in the summer, and this role is being filled on an interim basis by Ian Naismith and David Wright on top of their normal duties. Many thanks to Philip for his several years of service in that role. The Trustees are also considering appointment of a Building Manager to coordinate building hires, tradespeople and regulatory checks for our building.

    Last year saw the formation of a group to evaluate options for refurbishing the main church. Thank you to church members for submitting many ideas to the group, who will work through these before developing some proposals to be costed and presented to the church. The group is looking at how we can make the space fit for the activities that we want to run, for the community that we serve.

    As ever, I am indebted to the dedicated team of volunteers who help with building works, coordinating tradespeople, running our video stream and AV support.


David Wright

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