In 2020, the COVID19 pandemic meant that we weren’t able to use our building for nearly 5 months of the year. Many church and community groups stopped last march and haven’t yet restarted. Re-opening after the lockdown involved water quality testing and installing hand sanitiser units alongside the installation of equipment for broadcasting our services from the church onto YouTube and Zoom.

    The main issues of the year were water related - the heating boilers needed a new pump in the summer, we had some issues with leaking pipes in January, and heavy rain and snow caused some roofing issues. On a positive note, with funds from Tesco and Scouts, as well as BEC, we now have a defibrillator installed outside the church for church and community use.

    Please give thanks 

  • For the working group who worked to get the building open again after lockdown
  • For those who have volunteered time, skills and materials to help maintain the building and support our tech - including streaming services from the church
  • For the provision of the building as a resource to the church & community


David Wright

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