I am a Church Member

June 12, 2015

What does it mean to belong to a Church family?

Growing up in Scotland, naturally, I love golf. I had the privilege of being a member of a Golf Club just outside Glasgow when I was at school. For my fee’s I expected quality. I expected to be treated well. I expected lush fairways. I expected carpet like greens. I expected a fresh towel in the changing room. I expected a say in the way the club was run. As long as I was paying I was expecting.

I love the Church. I am convinced that there is nothing quite like the family of God. What a wonderful privilege it is to be part of the body of Christ. But heres the thing; I so easily treat being part of the Church like being part of the local Golf Club. I attend, therefore, I expect. If like me you sometimes slip into consumer mode in terms of your attitude to Church, then this book will greatly challenge you in both a biblical and extremely practical way. The author so brilliantly reminds us that when Jesus saved us to his Church he called us to something far more radical and costly than Golf Club membership.

Church Membership from a biblical perspective, however, is about servanthood. Its about giving. Its about putting others first.

Being part of the Church family is not about me and my felt needs, it’s about serving others, loving others and the glory of God.

In the various chapters the author invites us to pledge our allegiance to the following;

  • I will be a functioning church Member.
  • I will be unifying Church Member.
  • I will not let my Church be about my preference and desires.
  • I will pray for my Church Leaders.
  • I will lead my family to be a healthy Church Members.
  • I will treasure Church Membership.
  • Maybe you are someone thinking through what being part of a Church means. Perhaps you are a long standing member who is in need of a fresh reminder of both the beauty of the Church and the call to be a sacrificial member. Wherever you are coming from, I would highly recommend this book! At 80 odd pages it is short and easy to digest and easily read in an afternoon. There are also some useful application questions at the end of each chapter.