It can't be easy to preach to a camera in an empty room, but Alastair nailed it! We're all grateful to be able to engage with God's Word from home.’ (22.03.20)

That was a comment from our very first online service. What a strange year it has been. Despite the challenges and ever changing nature of the pandemic the Lord has used the Morning Service in some incredible ways!

I have been ever so heartened to see people use their gifts to serve us during this last season of life. More so, I’ve been blown away by how the Lord has used the service to encourage ourselves, serve other believers and reach people that we could never have reached otherwise! This has truly been a unique evangelistic opportunity for us all. As a friend of mine recently commented, who knows looking back in the years to come what gracious works of God will be traced back to 2020. Indeed, after our series in the opening chapters of Genesis we spent time looking at some of the key moments in the life of Jesus. Following on from this we spent time in the book of Acts concerning what happened when the gospel first hit Europe, some encounters that Jesus had with people from John’s gospel and also the letters to the churches in Revelation. These were truly thrilling times.

Please continue to that God would continue to use the All Age Service for his glory and for the building up of his church at Bruntsfield. Pray for a continued sense of unity in the midst of our diversity and for wisdom for those involved in putting the services together. 

Graeme Shanks

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