We encourage all those who love Jesus and who see Bruntsfield as their church to become members.  This allows you to participate fully in the life of the church.

We hold regular informal membership classes, where church leaders explain to prospective members the basics of our life together, including what we believe, how we function, what it means to be a member etc. This also gives a chance for people to ask questions about the church. 

Following the class, those who want to become members of Bruntsfield Evangelical Church meet with a couple of the elders to talk about how they came to trust the Lord Jesus and what part they believe they can play in the church.  This is also a further chance to ask questions.

Following this the church is informed of new members joining, normally at quarterly Vision Evenings.

You can find out more about membership here.

We have a membership statement which hopefully conveys what we at Bruntsfield think the church is all about. Here is our membership statement.

We believe that, by grace through repentance and faith we have received Jesus Christ as the Lord, Saviour and Treasure of our lives;

As those who believe on Jesus’ name we have been adopted by God and are therefore co-heirs with Christ;

We have been given new life through the Holy Spirit who is within us, renewing us to be more like Jesus.

In the presence of God, looking to Christ Jesus and dependent on the Holy Spirit, we commit to living gospel centred, grace saturated and sacrificial lives with one another as one body.

We will devote ourselves to the apostles’ teaching, Fellowship, the breaking of bread, and prayer.

With the help of the Holy Spirit:

  • We will pray for one another.
  • We will walk together and watch over one another in brotherly love.
  • We will rejoice at each others’ happiness and bear each others’ burdens and sorrows.
  • We will support one another in sickness and distress.
  • We will show courtesy in speech and be slow to take offence, always ready for reconciliation.
  • We will make every effort to maintain the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace.

Together we will seek to glorify Christ Jesus, our Lord and Head.

  • We will submit to the authority of Scripture, feasting upon it together and seeking to obey it.
  • We will use our spiritual gifts to build up the body of Christ.
  • We will reach out to others lovingly with the Gospel of Christ.
  • We will cheerfully contribute to the church, the relief of the poor and other Christian work, as we are able financially.
  • We will respect our leaders knowing they watch over us as those who must give an account.
  • We will seek to live lives worthy of the Lord and to please Him in every way.
  • We will live carefully in the world, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts.
  • We will seek the salvation of our friends and neighbours.
  • We will endeavour to nurture our children in the Christian Faith.

We commit to live our lives as faithful and diligent disciples of Jesus; our identity will be in Him, our worship will be for Him, our fellowship will be through Him and our community will exist for His glory.