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...equipped to encourage and endure...

Romans 15.4-5

Women's Ministry at Bruntsfield aims to bring women together, to encourage one another through authentic relationships and to be equipped to endure through God's Word.

This happens through weekly and monthly Bible studies and various social gatherings throughout the year.


Mondays, 1.30-3pm, 'Grove 92': We meet for coffee/tea and Bible Study in Room 3. We are currently going through the book of Matthew.

Wednesdays (see below), 7-9pm, Women's Monthly Bible Study: In Feb-May 2022, we went through the book of Colossians, including discussion and fellowship. You can link to the recordings and see the discussion questions below.  Look out for more activcities in the autumn.

23 Feb      - Col 1 (recorded talk and questions)

23 March - Col 2 (recorded talk and questions)

20 April    - Col 3 (recorded talk and questions)

18 May       - Col 4 (recorded talk and questions)



Details of future events will appear here.

For more information or to meet up, please contact K√§ete at  [email protected] or 07392 805127.