By Alistair Chalmers

A London Sparrow by Phyllis Thompson

Biographies are wonderful opportunities for each of us to learn and grow from the experiences and testimonies of others. This book is great! Not only is the life of Gladys Aylward a story that will set you ablaze for God’s Kingdom, but the amount of work and effort that Phyllis Thompson put in to make this book possible is outstanding. Thompson conducted interviews and looked through lots of personal letters to build a full picture of Gladys’s life and ministry.

The story begins back in the early 1900’s, Gladys was raised in a Christian home but walked away until her teens. She heard a preacher speaking into her very should and needed to know more, she spoke with the ministers wife and became a Christian. Her heart from then on, or soon after, was to go to the people of China. However, due to her lack of academic ability and ‘skill’ she was not accepted to train and be sent to China by an organisation. But the Lord made a way. This story tells the wonderful tale of how the Lord can use those who seem unfit and unable to serve for the upbuilding of His Kingdom. The Lord used Gladys in ways that I’m sure she couldn’t begin to imagine. From England to China and ultimately to Taiwan, this story is all about how Gladys serves the Saviour she loved.

This story is packed full of danger and gospel opportunities, war zones and saved lives, prison and the sharing of the gospel. Buy the book, you will not be disappointed. A warning must be issued with books like these, it could be that you read this story and you find yourself being called to do what Gladys did; forsake all that you know to go and serve a people so that they can hear about Jesus and live forever in His presence.i. 

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