All Age Service

Our All Age Service is at 11am each Sunday, broadcast live from the church. Unfortunately, we will not be able to invite people to attend until Government restrictions are eased.

Speaker Leader Subject
7 February   Ian Naismith Fraser McLaren Ephesians 5:15-20
14 February       Graeme Shanks       Alastair Mackintosh       Ephesians 5:21-6:9
21 February Archie W-I Graeme Shanks Ephesians 6:10-23
28 February Graeme Shanks Ian Naismith Leviticus 1-7

Evening Service

Our evening service continues at 6pm each Sunday and on Zoom. We will be continuing studies in Isaiah.

Speaker Leader Subject
7 February         Jonathan Thomson       Sabine Chalmers       Isaiah 6:1-13
14 February Neil McAllister Alistair Chalmers Isaiah 7:1-8:10
21 February Alistair Chalmers Dani Neira Isaiah 8:11-9:7
28 February Prayer

Weekly Prayer

During February, we’ll meet together on Zoom to pray each Monday and Thursday evening. The meeting code is 547-778-568. You can also join by phoning 0131 460 1196. These prayer times have been a real encouragement to those who join them, and a great opportunity to pray and share fellowship together. Please consider joining by Zoom or phone if you haven’t yet. 

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