Our building is now host to an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED). These have been demonstrated to be effective at helping people who have undergone a cardiac arrest. In these situations, every minute matters, and ambulances can take 5-10minutes to reach the area. Early use of an AED can mean that life-saving treatment can be given to patients earlier, leading to an increased chance of surviving cardiac arrest.

The AED is located in a yellow cabinet on the Westhall Gardens side of the church, adjacent to the side door (Postcode EH10 4JU, what3words /// quest.sake.churn). It has a codelock, with the code being supplied by the ambulance service 999 system when a caller phones to request assistance for a collapsed adult.

BEC would like to acknowledge the assistance of both Tesco ‘Bags of Help’ charity and 100th Pentland Scout Group in helping with funds to purchase the AED.

We hope to have a training session for use of AED, and CPR skills later this year once pandemic restrictions are eased. Hosting the defibrillator fits without our church vision of being a positive part of our local community and working with community groups in the area. 

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