The Glories of God's Love

July 9, 2015

I can honestly say that I have never found reading a book (other than the Bible) so enriching. This book is an absolute masterstroke. I found myself drinking in its truth deeply, smiling at the glorious vistas of the gospel that Milton paints and feeling my heart swell and quicken at the unfolding pages of gospel concentrate poured into every paragraph.

The book is in 3 major parts.

The first is Milton laying out 31 reasons why we must cultivate the practice of preaching the gospel to ourselves everyday. The 31 reasons are meaty, compelling, pithy and encouraging. After you finish the section the discipline of internal gospel proclamation is an absolute no-brainer. I enjoyed this section of the book and found myself underlining so many sentences and ideas that I needed to refill my propelling pencil.

The second section is Milton laying out a gospel primer for his readers, firstly in prose form and then secondly in poetry form. I preferred the prose version, as some of the rhyming in the second recital is a bit distracting, this is very much personal preference. It is a rich, insightful and profound re-rendering of the gospel and I look forward to rehearsing it regularly to myself. The Bible cross references are also incredibly helpful in grounding the content and giving extra reading for these, the most beautiful of truths.

The final section is Milton’s journey to writing the primer, it is honest, relatable and is a great finish to such a powerful book.

I honestly haven’t read anything more engaging this year and doubt that I will in what remains. This was such a great book, I cannot recommend it enough for you to read and give away to anybody and everybody that you know.

5 stars without hesitation.