Take Heart

August 6, 2018

There used to be a time when Christianity was at the centre of our society. It was seen as normal to be a Christian, but this time is long gone. Today we live in what conference speakers and authors call a ‘post-Christian culture’, today it is no longer seen as the ‘norm’ to be a Christian or to go to church. Rather, Christians can be seen as strange or bigoted because of our stance on what the Bible teaches.

Matt Chandler says that as we look at our culture, as we see how the church seems to be more and more marginalised, Christians should Take Heart. Chandler looks at church history to show that the church has grown and thrived most during times of pressure and marginalisation and has actually deteriorated and become more self-focused rather than Christ-focused during time when society was ‘Christian’. The church thrives in the margins because it causes Christians to look and depend on God and to find their hope and courage in God.

As you feel the pressure at work, as you’re questioned by friends or family members because of your faith or as you take a stance because of what you believe, the Bible teaches look to God and take courage! This is a very helpful quick read that puts our culture in its context, helps us understand church history and gives practical insights into how to live as a Christian in a world that is trying to fight Christianity and forget about God. 

Alistair Chalmers

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