Hole in Our Holiness

January 5, 2016

I always enjoy reading Kevin DeYoung. As a writer he has a wonderful ability of combining humour and rigour that makes him quite easy to understand and follow. His books are quite short and digestible which is why they are accessible to most readers.

In a similar fashion, in this book, DeYoung makes one point and makes it exceptionally well - as God’s rescued and redeemed people he calls us to reflect his holiness in our lives.

Personally I found this to be quite a sobering challenge as I was urged and led to examine every aspect of my life along this line.

DeYoung spends the first few chapters outlining the biblical command to be holy. Starting in the Old Testament, taking you to Jesus’ words in the gospels and all the way through to the pastoral epistles he is scrupulous in his treatment of what God has to say on this subject. I must admit I’d never seen as clearly from so many angles the call of God to trust, obey, love and reflect him. This is what we are saved to and called to.

‘Don’t think of Christianity as having to do what peevish God wants. Think of it as now being able to do what a good God demands.’ - (p.112)

There was an interesting chapter on the role of the conscience in the life of the believer as well as a great chapter on the enormity and privilege of the believers union with Christ. God is in the business of working in us transforming us by his Spirit to be more like his Son. Incredible! Signs of this in our lives and in the lives of others is cause for worship and celebration.

‘The best looking Christian is the one growing by the Spirit into the likeness of Christ.’ - (p.145)

One interesting observation that DeYoung makes is that we have become so blaze and lethargic when in comes to our ongoing command to kill sin in our lives. He especially in the area of sexuality. Issues that Christians in years gone by would have seen as compromise we are all too comfortable with. Sadly, I think he may well be right. As Christians, we need to have a honest think about how we conduct ourselves in our day to day lives. We need to honour God in every department from what we watch on our TV screens to our everyday conversations and what we so easily pass off as ‘banter’. Are these things glorifying to the God that has taken up residence inside each of us? I must admit to feeling like I had been kicked up the backside here.

Now before we grab out pitchforks and jump on the legalistic bandwagon DeYoung is quick to remind his readers that to pursue holiness is to pursue Christ himself. I loved this final clarification and summons.

‘We must always remember that in seeking after holiness we are not so much seeking after a thing as we are seeking a person…to run hard after holiness is another way of running hard after God.’ - (p.123)

Amen brother!

So there it is. Will we take seriously the command to strive after our holy God and take seriously the command to say no to sin in and yes to Christ in our lives. Let’s do it!

P.S - I am extremely grateful to ’10 of those’ who made this book available at a ‘bulk buy’ rate of £1!

Takeaway Question - Am I pursuing Christ and actively striving for holiness?

Favourite Quote - ‘The child of God has two great marks about him: he is known for his inner peace and his inner warfare.’ - (p.89)

Rating - Five stars; Extremely practical, biblical, and readable.