Internship Update

April 3, 2017

by Tim Foster

I can say one thing with certainty about the last seven months - interning at Bruntsfield is never boring! As we come to the end of the academic year my studies are stepping up in pace, and the internship continues to provide plenty of opportunities! Student group has just come to an end, and preaching and leading continues to be regular. And as I look at the schedule, I am very aware of how easy it is to be busy - not only in ministry, but in normal life. Between church commitments, family life and work, there is more than enough to fill time. The reality is that each of us have only 10080 minutes every week. And I confess that I am far too willing to fill each of those minutes, with far too little regard for the one who has given me every second. Yet God still gives me those 10080 minutes! So I ask myself the question, how will I make the best use of those precious minutes? As I plan the next week, I wonder how many of those minutes will I give to His Word, to time spent in communion with him, and to encourage my brothers and sisters. And then to my relief, I remember that Jesus lived, constrained to those 10080 minutes just like I am. I have no more responsibilities or opportunities than those minutes will afford, and the Spirit will strengthen me to do all that needs to be done.