Cornhill Mission Week

March 13, 2017

by Hazel Foster

In February I had the privilege of going to Troon for my Cornhill Mission Week placement and I worked alongside Seagate Evangelical Church. We attended all of the normal activities of the church: From an over 55’s weekly group to Youth Fellowship, and from CAP Job Club to classes where refugees are being taught English.

I really appreciated that the church recognised that not every activity counted as ‘kingdom work’, and they used their programmes to build up relationships with people which allowed them to have spiritual conversations and invite them along to things. They were launching Christianity Explored again with eleven non-Christians attending who were very open and honest and engaged with it really well. What a privilege it was to see that God had been stirring hearts already and I am excited to hear about where these people are in their thinking and searching as the weeks go on. The people in this church have a real love for others and a desire to help those who are in need while recognising the gospel as the greatest need in the lives of these people.

Another aspect of the placement that I really enjoyed was getting to see and be a part of the youth ministry of the church. I found myself praising God as a group of 11-17 year olds took hold of reading the bible for themselves and enjoyed great times of prayer together and accepted the challenges of God’s word and wrestled with them. It was such a joy to be able to open God’s Word with them, teach them, and share testimony with them.

During my time at Troon, I had to lead the team devotions one morning, and the passage that God had laid on my heart was Philippians 1:1-10, and specifically God was teaching me about the need to partner with the wider body of Christ, in the gospel. My prayer as I left Troon was that I would continue to partner with Seagate Evangelical Church in the gospel through prayer and by taking an interest in the gospel work that is happening in that area. I would ask you also to partner with me in this and pray for this church. God is doing incredible things.