Father Abraham

January 3, 2018

On Sunday 7 January we'll be starting a new teaching series looking at the life of Abraham.  Abraham is viewed as the father of faith, now particularly for those who are his spiritual children through faith in Jesus.  We'll trace his remarkable life story, and the ups and downs of his own faith.

7 January       The Call of God - Genesis 12:1-13:2 - Alistair Chalmers

14 January     A parting of the ways - Genesis 13:3-18 - Tim Foster

28 January     A battle of kings - Genesis 14 - Alistair Chalmers

11 February    The cutting of a covenant - Genesis 15 - Graeme Shanks

18 February    A wavering faith - Genesis 16 - Ian Naismith

25 February    The promise and sign of a covenant - Genesis 17 - TBC

11 March        Sodom and Gomorrah - Genesis 18-19 - Graeme Shanks

18 March        Trouble in the family - Genesis 20-21 - Neil McAllister

25 March        Faith put to test - Genesis 22 - Alistair Chalmers

21 January is our AGM, while there's no evening service on 4 February because of our church lunch and on 4 March there is a joint service for EoSGP churches.

On Sunday mornings, we're returning to Luke's Gospel, continuing to look at Jesus Journeying to Jerusalem and then Journeying to the Cross.