Church Census

March 8, 2018

We are currently carrying out a Church Census.  This has a number of purposes including:

- To ensure we have up-to-date details for a new Directory

- To provide information about Church demographics

- To ensure we comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) when it comes into force in May.

We are asking all those currently associated with the Church to participate in the Census, even if your details haven't changed, so that we have the permissions we need to hold and use data (for example, in church distribution lists).  Key points about the census are:

- You can complete the Census online, or using a paper form available at the Church 

- Data will be held securely on our database.  Currently we are using Planning Suite for this (

- We will only make information about you available to others if you give us permission to.  

- You do not have to complete the whole census if you are uncomfortable answering any questions.

- You should complete the census individually, not for a couple together.

- There is a separate form for children.  We will never publish more than the names of your children.

- You can ask us to remove information about you at any time, unless we are legally obliged to keep it. 

There is further information in the Q&A document here

The main census form is at 

For a second person using the same computer, use

The supplementary form for children is at